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User-Friendly K-12 Software Platform

Streamlining Success: User-Friendly & Innovative Electronic Student Portfolios and Electronic RTI/SRIPs




Social Emotional Learning

What We Offer

Mobile Principal is a User-Friendly K-12 software platform designed for educators, simplifying the management of electronic student portfolios and the MTSS/RTI/SRIP processes. 


Why Choose Mobile Principal

How are we optimizing the K-12 Admin Experience?

Electronic Student Portfolios

Mobile Principal revolutionizes student portfolio management by automating and simplifying the process. With our platform, schools can effortlessly personalize electronic student portfolios, seamlessly integrating Unit Assessments and progress monitoring outcomes into each student's portfolio.

Time and Effort Efficiency

Through our integration, we've significantly reduced the time administrators and educators spend on mandatory forms such as SRIPs and Student Portfolios. This automation streamlines processes and simplifies Parent-Teacher meetings, facilitating discussions about student progress in Academics, Attendance, Behavior, and Social Emotional aspects.

 Electronic Response To Intervention (RTI)/Student Reading Improvement Plan (SRIP)

Mobile Principal has transformed the SRIP process, ensuring swift generation
with built-in electronic signatures. Additionally, we've streamlined Monthly Progress
Reviews, allowing teachers to effortlessly create Monthly Interventions for students. With the
support of our platform, educators can leverage both research-based interventions and AI provided suggestions, all of which are seamlessly integrated into the Electronic SRIP for comprehensive student support.

Intelligent Teacher Support

Our integration of artificial intelligence empowers teachers by
offering informed, research-based recommendations and interventions for students facing
difficulties in Academics, Attendance, Behavior, or Social-Emotional areas.

Customization for Individual School or District Needs

Recognizing the distinct needs of each school and district, we adapt our approach to fit. Our successful implementation in Alabama, where we integrated the Student Reading Improvement Plan (SRIP), Student Portfolios, and Monthly Progress Reviews, exemplifies our commitment. Mobile Principal is dedicated to customizing solutions to meet the unique demands of every state and school district.

 Comprehensive District Access

Our solution includes features that provide district
leaders—Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Curriculum Coordinators, and other staff—with access to MTSS/RTI data for each school. This centralized platform enables efficient
oversight, feedback, and collaboration.


List of Mobile Principal Features


Instantly access, edit and analyze Electronic Student Portfolios and SRIPs on any device.


Swift Student Portfolio/RTI/SRIP PDF Report generation with built-in electronic signatures.


Custom metrics to assess specific areas of concern and evaluate student/teacher needs.


Improve learning outcomes for students by equipping teachers with researched-based interventions and communication tools


Research-based interventions and AI-provided suggestions


Automated monitoring of At-Risk students in Academics, Attendance, Behavior and Social Emotional areas.


Significant time savings through automated evaluation and monitoring of student progress.


Greater transparency and collaborative opportunities among students, staff and parents


“I wish I discovered Mobile Principal when I first started as a principal. I would’ve been much more efficient and had more time to visit classes. To anyones that starts using the app, it’s just so easy. It’s a no brainer.”

Dr. Jennifer W.


“The team was great to work with. I was in communication with them for a month to customize the app to fit the needs of my school. Their approach is refreshing. It’s different from other education companies I’ve partnered with in the past. They are transparent and always willing to help.”

Dr. K. Granger


“The app is just amazing. I’ve tried other platforms and they were not user friendly or didn’t do what it claimed. That’s what’s great about Mobile Principal. It does exactly what it claims without any issues.”

Dr. Cora E.





  • Can Mobile Principal be customized to fit my school/district needs?
    Yes, Mobile Principal is completely customizable. When your school or district signs up for Mobile Principal, we integrate and customize any state or government forms that needs to be integrated for your school or district. If you request for any others features to be modified or created, we will provide those feature requests inside Mobile Principal.
  • What is the pricing for Mobile Principal?
    Mobile Principal is priced at a price per student on an annual contract. We offer the following contract terms: 1 Year Contract at a cost per student 3 Year Contract at a cost per student 5 Year Contract at a cost per student Request a demo or contact us at 407-434-1082 or to receive a quote for your school or district.
  • How do I sign up for Mobile Principal
    You can sign up by requesting a demo or contacting us at 407-434-1082 or to receive a quote for your school or district.
  • Is there a Desktop Version of Mobile Principal
    Yes, there is a desktop version of Mobile Principal that will be easily accessible for your school or district.
  • Can I access Mobile Principal on an iPhone, Android, Laptop or iPad/Tablet?
    Mobile Principal works on all platforms and no download is required to access Mobile Principal.
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