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What Separates Mobile Principal From The Competition

Mobile Principal is more than just the average application offered to schools to utilize for students, teachers and principals. Our mission is to provide user-friendly technology that enables school and district administrators the support they need, to make organizational and instructional decisions, amidst the challenges of time, competing priorities, and responsibilities in K-12 education.

What makes us different from the competition is that we put all of our energy, time, and resources into understanding what our students, teachers and administrators need to ultimately increase students' achievement while also helping teachers and administrators become more efficient in their day to day school tasks. With Mobile Principal, instead of just finding a problem in today's education technology system, we went out and interviewed countless teachers, principals and administrators to find out what is really missing in their school system. What we found, to be some of the most challenging issues, was minimal parent engagement, very small growth in teacher progression and school technology being inefficient due to minimal training for teachers and administrators. After interviewing many teachers, administrators and parents, we went back to the drawing board with Mobile Principal, and created a One-Stop-Solution that is a solution to all the teachers, administrators and parents pain points. This has never been done before in the educational field.

With Mobile Principal, we want to change the way teachers, administrators, students and parents view technology. Technology is awesome and can be a great asset to them when used correctly and efficiently. In order for that to happen, the application has to be user-friendly, easy to learn with ease and quickness in operation. Teachers and administrators also have to be trained on how to use the technology to achieve their goals. That makes us different from the competition. While our competition is only focused on creating a solution; with Mobile Principal, after creating the solution, we put all our time and resources into making sure our teachers and administrators have all the training and support they need to achieve their school goals and solve their biggest challenges they face each school year.

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